10 cannabis influencers at Boston freedom rally hempfest 2018
10 cannabis influencers at Boston freedom rally hempfest 2018

10 Noteworthy Cannabis Influencers who attended the Boston Hempfest

Cannabis women are some of the most powerful women out there, and these notable 10 came out to support their favorite plant at the Boston Rally this past weekend. (Sept. 14th-16th)

What is the Boston Freedom Rally?

The Freedom Rally is the largest free cannabis festival on the east coast. The attendees at the gathering are advocates for peaceful marijuana law reform. The main focus of the rally is to promote awareness and share innovative/responsible uses for marijuana.

The rally is hosted by The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (MassCan/NORML), the organizations leading the charge in ending local prohibition.

Such an amazing event attracts an enormous amount of celebrity coverage. The outpour of love and togetherness captured via Instagram's women of cannabis showcased how our community's message impacts the world.

When & where is it?

The 2018 Boston Freedom Rally was September 14th through the 16th. The home of the rally is the Boston Common public park in Boston, Massachusetts.

What makes the rally so popular?

Many people come to the Boston Hempfest for many different reasons:

  • Support for cannabis reform
  • Spread awareness of cannabis' medicinal benefits
  • Meet friends and new people
  • Browse unique art and culture from different vendors
  • And of course… spark up that joint they have tucked in their sock or bra

Meet the superstars

  1. @dabbing_granny

    - Instagram -
    Gail, or Dabbing Granny, is a popular name in the cannabis community. Granny is very well known for her ability to chain-smoke miles of thick and juicy dabs. Her Instagram has over 782,000 followers, but her realness and optimism are what makes her fans naturally levitate towards her.
  2. @silencedhippie

    - Instagram - Twitter -
    Sasha, or Silenced Hippie, is a strong cannabis activist looking to break the intense “stoner stigma” and take pride in one of biggest parts of her life. Her Youtube channel had over 420,000 subscribers, and she currently has over 182,000 followers on Instagram. Sasha's positive vibes and good spirit are what really keeps her in tune with her fans.
  3. @f.rancesrae

    - Instagram - Twitter -
    Frances, or F.rancesrae, has a “love now, cry later” attitude, and is a body confident, cannabis-loving queen. Her Youtube channel, MarijuanaMermaid, has 116,000 subscribers and her Instagram has 38,500 followers.
  4. @jennywakeandbake

    - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube -
    HighTimes calls her “marijuana's most loveable ambassador” and a breath of fresh air in a competitive space. Jenny is a high-spirited photographer, vlogger, writer, and ambassador for NugTools. Her goal is to use her patient story to break the stigma of the “lazy stoner”, and show people that cannabis users do go out in public and contribute to the community.
  5. @jenndoe420

    - Instagram - Twitter -
    Jenn is a proud 2014 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup 1st place award winning hash maker/grower. She grows and smokes cannabis, but most importantly, she takes pride in helping people better their lives. Jenn supports full cannabis reform and wants all states to recognize cannabis as medicine. “I'm all about getting people high, but let's help our sick and dying first” -JD
  6. @stonergirldaily

    - Instagram - Twitter -
    Olivia, or Stoner Girl Daily, is a summer-lovin', self-confident East Coast Care Girl. She is a cannabis activist as well as a domestic violence awareness advocate. Olivia is a classic “stoner girl” in her prime and is relishing in every minute of it.
  7. @roogetslifted

    - Instagram - Twitter -
    Rachel (or Roo) is a hardcore believer in the healing power of marijuana and the greater outlook on life it gives her. Her goal is to inspire others to uplift themselves by sharing her experiences, and self-growth through her photography and content on her website.
  8. @hazyhulahigh420

    - Instagram - Twitter -
    Hazy Hula is a chill-vibe type of gal who reviews various products on WeedTube and is a content provider for gostoner.com. She loves to speak her mind and fight for “the cause to live freely and to stop the prohibition of cannabis”. Sporting an extensive background in sales she plans to bring her experience to the cannabis industry.
  9. @psycha.delia

    - Instagram -
    Delia is a nature-inspired cannabis lover who posts gorgeous abstract pictures as well as some fun captures of her enjoying some bud. She calls herself a “bong crafter” and sells her glass on her website.
  10. @witch_of_weed

    - Instagram -
    Grace is a loveable #ganjagoddess with goals to become a future Ganjapreneur. She sells her art on an online shop that combines marijuana, pagan and kawaii culture.

Did we miss any other female cannabis influencers that attended Hempfest? Tag us on Instagram @alwayswaxxin to let us know, we‘d love to add them to our list!

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