10 weed hacks your younger-self would've appreciated

10 "Weed Hacks" every college freshmen needs to know

Smoking weed has many unspoken rules and traditions that you would never know unless someone told you. If you do not want to look like a newbie when you light up then it's important to keep reading.

No matter if you are a college freshman or 42-year old mother, these tricks will help you navigate the world of marijuana consumption.

We created a list of 10 Weed Hacks that will keep you on-top of your cannabis game; that way you can school all your friends and family.

  • Edibles are fun until they are not. Wait a full 1-3 hours before they fully kick in; famous last words "I'm not feeling anything" then double/tripling the dose. Be patient, wait the full time.
  • Coughing into the bong or bubbler is not only gross but you run the risk of spoiling the remaining bowl. Do not blow air back into the piece unless you intend to clean it because water will splash everywhere
  • Synthetic cannabis is garbage and has terrible health side-effects. Being legal does not make it a good option "so you can pass a drug test" take our word for it.
  • When living in an apartment or other shared housing unit vaporizers are better to smoke indoors than joints. Keep your neighbors and RA happy.
  • Change bong water frequently and your hits will taste better.. add a single drop of essential oil (orange or lemon are our fav's) to add amazing flavor
  • Cleaning a bong is easy with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and salt.
  • Learn how to roll a joint, that way you'll always be invited to smoke... if you roll it first
  • Buy a grinder and use it, breaking up bud with your fingers wastes all the kief! (and takes foooooreverrrr)
  • A Gram should not cost more than $10/g, paying more is pointless if you're not a connoisseur.
  • Lemon essential oils will clean dabs from nearly any surface; you're welcome.
  • Never show up to the party empty handed. Joint rolling skills can come in handy here but always have papers too; nothing beats a baggie of herbal though.

Bonus Tip: Sign-up for a stoner subscription box to always stay stocked with the essentials, delivered to you every month like clockwork. Who doesn't want new glass pieces and a full stock of papers/blunts??

Fact of the matter is anyone can enjoy cannabis but knowing the above hacks will put you a step above the rest.

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