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  1. Ooze (32)
  2. Atmos (2)

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Drought Vaporizer Kit
drought vaporizer kit huge battery life in a sleek compact package the ooze drought vaporizor is s...
Department: Pens > Kits
Comet eNail Vaporizer Kit
comet enail vaporizer kit get ready to blast off with the comet enail by ooze! while it may be a min...
Department: Pens > Kits

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We will only offer the best bubblers for wax vape pens, top of the line dab rigs and gobs of high end vaping products. Focusing on customer satisfaction will set us apart from all other head shops.
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Half Gram1 - 2 Joints // 1 - 2 Bowls
One Gram1 - 4 Joints // 3 - 5 Bowls
Eighth Ounce3 - 12 Joints // 10 - 12 Bowls
Quarter Ounce7 - 28 Joints // 15 - 35 Bowls
Half Ounce14 - 56 Joints // 30 - 50 Bowls
One Ounce28 - 80 Joints // 60 - 90 Bowls Giving Back offer the widest variety of wax pens, dab rigs, glass bongs, dry herb pipes and shatter wax accessories. At local headshops, prices often include overhead costs that are passed to you and we aim to change that, starting with free shipping for every purchase!

Introducing SKWAD Records

Teaming with the homies at SKWAD records was an easy call for us here at Waxxin. The can-do aditudes and positive vibes from the entire crew makes working with them a dream, look out for their upcoming releases soon on iTunes & Spotify.

10 "Weed Hacks" every college freshmen needs to know

Smoking weed has many unspoken rules and traditions that you would never know unless someone told you. If you do not want to look like a newbie when you light up then it's important to keep reading.

5 Legendary Weed Strains (w/ Pictures)

Coming up with five fabled weed strains was not easy with a tremendous amount of time, effort and love put forth by growers and breeders all over the world, the selection was immense.

Keep informed by following the "The Daily Dab". The Daily Dab

Top Headshop Brands

Looking for the best brands? Our top brands have received high awards of excellence for delivering amazing products at unbeatable prices over the past few years.

Juicy Jays
Wildfire Productions
Vapor Cup
Banana Bros
Sharpstone Grinders
Destroy Glass

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New @ the shop!
VapoRocket by Hi-guy & Vapor Genie
5 1/4in Coloured Double Bowl Spoon Pipe by Jellyfish Glass
5in Silver Strike Eyeball Sherlock by Laughlin Glass
4in Coloured Stripe Spoon Pipe by Jellyfish Glass
4in Glowing Glass Spoon Swizzler
5in Wig Wag Spoon Pipe by Destroy Glass
3 1/2in Latticino Spoon Pipe by Shine Glassworks
4in Two-Tone Frit Pipe by Notorious Glassworks
4in Wildfire Productions Pipe with Trees
3in Jane West™ Taster - Cloud White
6in GRAV® Upright Bubbler - Clear
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