What is Dabbers Paradise?

This package is perfect for glass collectors that cherish the unique aspects of heady glass. Experience joy every month as you get a brand new glass piece that is handcrafted and 100% unique, delivered right to you.

A heady glass subscription box.

Our dabbers paradise package brings beautiful high-end glassworks to the subscription package world so you can save by packaging monthly!

Where else can you get one-of-a-kind glass art from top artists in the country, at a discount? Waxxin.com is where it’s at!

Limited packages available, first come first serve.

Low-temp dabs will always remain supreme in the dabbers paradise. Stay organic.

Buy "Artisian Paradise" for 335.00 per month!   

Who should buy this package?

The people who will love dabbers paradise the most will appreciate quality artisan-made goods over a foreign knock-off product every time.

High-end dabbing is all about preserving the purity of wax and natural cleanliness of your rig which leads to a phenomenal taste that ignites natural flavorings of the terpenes upon your tastebuds.

Organic and renewable resources matter, along with supporting local artists and homegrown organizations versus large corporate firms.

What comes in the package?

Each shipment contains a unique, artisan-made dab rig with protective carrying case included.

  • Handmade Med-Sized Dab Rig by Local artisan
  • Protective carrying case
  • Quartz banger
  • Custom Dabber tool

By purchasing large quantities of an artists / shop’s work we are able to save money on our end which means lower prices and instant appreciation for you, our customers. We ask that you visit their page to show appreciation for the discounted art and follow them on social media if you like their style.

Sharing an artists work speaks volumes towards acknowledging the time and effort they committed to refining their craft.

Can I customize the items I get?

Yes you can customize your package, unfortunately you cannot add specific products, (you can block them from being included)

How much does it cost?

The Dabbers Paradise package comes in at a cool $335/mo and is limited to a total of 10 active customers per month.

Looking to save money per month? Lock in large discounts by bundling 3, 6, or 12 months into a single payment.

  • 3 months saves 3% off per month
  • 6 months saves 6% off per month
  • 12 months saves 12% off per month

How do I sign-up?

To purchase the dabbers paradise package click the “Add to Cart” button on this page.

Once you begin the checkout process then our system will ask you about your smoking preferences so we can provide you the best package possible. Answers are not required, but they absolutely help craft a better final product for the customer.

How do I cancel?

Cancel at anytime by visiting My Stuff > Subscriptions and pressing the red ‘X’ next to the package you’re looking to remove.

Canceling an active subscription? No problem, but your final refund will be adjusted to show the correct discount (for the number of boxes actually received)

Our discount rates are consistent across all box types. +1% off each month of active service for the first year. For example, if you cancel a 12 month subscription after 7 boxes received then your final discount is adjusted from 12% to 7% for each box, then the remaining funds are refunded.

'Daily Dabber'

  • Dab Tools
  • Dab Pen Batteries
  • Bubbler Attachment w/ Quartz Atomizers
  • Dab Mat & Tray
  • Premium Atomizer
  • Chargers & More
New @ the shop!
VapoRocket by Hi-guy & Vapor Genie
5 1/4in Coloured Double Bowl Spoon Pipe by Jellyfish Glass
5in Silver Strike Eyeball Sherlock by Laughlin Glass
4in Coloured Stripe Spoon Pipe by Jellyfish Glass
4in Glowing Glass Spoon Swizzler
5in Wig Wag Spoon Pipe by Destroy Glass
3 1/2in Latticino Spoon Pipe by Shine Glassworks
4in Two-Tone Frit Pipe by Notorious Glassworks
4in Wildfire Productions Pipe with Trees
3in Jane West™ Taster - Cloud White
6in GRAV® Upright Bubbler - Clear
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