Choosing the Best Ooze Vape Pen Battery

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How to choose the perfect Ooze pen!
The Ooze Battery Collection - Best of the best!

Are you in the market for a wax vape pen? Maybe looking for the best battery for cartridges? Answering yes to either of these questions means you would love the vape pen products Ooze makes.

  1. What is an Ooze Pen?
  2. Why Choose Ooze?
  3. Ooze batteries - An extensive selection.
  4. Which Battery is Right for you?

What is an Ooze Pen?

An Ooze vape pen is a vaporizer battery made by Ooze, which is the power source for portable dabbing / vaping. Attaching an atomizer (heating element) allows you to vaporize your concentrates and oils with the press of a button on your Ooze pen to help make dabbing easy.

Why Choose Ooze?

Ooze offers unmatched affordability alongside quality, industry knowledge, and extensive product research and development. They provide all battery purchasers with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that's hassle-free. Ooze has been providing top-tier service and quality control to its customers out of southeast Michigan since 2007 without missing a beat, and brings new products, fairer prices, and unmatched customer service to the table unlike any other brand.

Ooze batteries - An extensive selection.

The wide array of battery styles offered by Ooze is incredible, as seen below.

  • Standard Batteries

    Ooze pen batteries with a 510 thread for cartidges are the most affordable and they come in a vareity of options.

    • slim touchless vape pen by ooze life 420

      Touchless Slim Pen

      Available in multiple colors

      Touchless & adjustable voltage styles are available in the slim. Keep it sleek and slim with these thin pocket-sized batteries. The slim series comes with a charger included with each one.

    • cheap 650 mah vape pen from ooze life

      Vape Battery

      Available in 5 Pack or Single Vape Pen Battery

      This meatier model of pen-style batteries includes a single button on the side of the battery featuring a standard on/off function.

    • Adjustable voltage vape pen from ooze

      Twist Adjustable Voltage

      The Twist model of ooze pen batteries include a dial built into the bottom of the thick battery. Turning this dial allows you to select a specific voltage of your batteries output power and temperature.
      **Lowest voltage usually better for oil cartridges
      **Higher voltages more efficiently power the more waxy oil concentrates

  • Discreet / Conceled Vaporizers

    These vaporizers are shorter and stubbier with an inset connection for your cartridge and atomizers to offer the ultimate user comfort and discretion. Ooze batteries shaped like the duplex are easily held in the palm of your hand with minimal show.

    • Ooze Duplex

      Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer

      The Duplex has won awards at High Time Cannabis Cup for Best Vaporizer of 2017 as a battery for both, oil cartridges and more solid concentrates. This device has 4 voltage settings to choose from depending on what is going through the it at the time.

    • Ooze Cruze

      Cruze Extract/Cartridge Vaporizer

      The Cruze Extract Battery is a similar, smaller design of the Dual Extract Vaporizer which has 3 preset voltage settings.

  • Desktop (Not-So Portable) Vaporizers

    • Ooze Magma eNail

      Magma eRig & eNail

      This portable dabber brings eNails to a new level. Use either the Glass bubbler attachment or remove the base and take dab hit form and 14mm or 18mm bong with no torch needed!

    • Ooze Comet Mini eNail

      Comet eNail

      This mini portable eNail is a more affordable yet highly effective vaporizer. The team at Ooze life really did an exceptional job with the Comet.

Which Battery is Right for you?

Do you buy the Ooze 650? Ooze 1100? Slim Twist, or should you go with the Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer?

All of Ooze's pen style batteries use the same charger (nice perk). They can also be paired with 510 attachments for use with atomizers and bubblers galore!

Getting the correct vaporizer battery that will compliment your style is crucial for having a satisfactory experience. If you do not know the right questions to ask there's definitely room for confusion. We're here to clear things up, and help you find exactly what you need.

A few questions to ask when choosing a vape battery:

  • Does your level of "discreteness" matter?
  • Personal or Group sessions?
  • How frequently do you partake?
  • Plan to enjoy oils / concentrates or dry herb?
  • Prefer a portable option with battery or corded with no charging required?
  • How often is charging necessary?
  • What size device are you looking for?
  • How long do you want the device to last?
  • Whats your budget?

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