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So, what do dabs look like?
So, what do dabs look like?

What is dab?

Dab is a universal term for the concentrates used with a vaporizer or rig.

Dabbing is slang for smoking/vaping concentrates. Dabs have only been around for about ten years and goes by many different names. You may here fellow vaping enthusiasts call dabs shatter, BHO Oil, bubble hash or sometimes even wacky taffy. Our favorite, of course, Waxxin!

Dabs - noun
a medicinal marijuana product extracted from the plant and concentrated into a smokable oil.
Dabbing - verb
The use of a vaporizing object to inhale the vapors of dabs. (seeDabs)
Dabbed - adjective
describing the mind state of those who smoke dabs.
As defined by Urban Dictionary

Your dab questions answered

Today, one of the most popular methods of smoking marijuana is commonly referred to as dabs, shatter, or wax. We get asked quite often what are dabs, and is it safe to smoke them? Our answer is, well, it depends… but not on what you think.

Are you a cannabis enthusiast living in Michigan? You are going to LOVE this list of podcasts & radio shows hosted here locally.
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You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to smoke wax, dabs, shatter, oil, and other cannabis concentrates!
How to Smoke Wax, Dab, Shatter & Other Concentrates

Recreational cannabis has arrived in Michigan and many other states. This means flower, edibles, tinctures, and all sorts of concentrates are now for sale across the state for anyone 21+ including our favorite; dabs.
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Winter is here and it's time to bundle up and plan-out your calendar for the next month! December is a popular month within the cannabis community in Michigan and there are lots of events to choose from, where will we see you?
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Michiganders, December 1st was the big day! Recreational cannabis is now for sale at a small number of locations across the state. Only 3 retail locations are approved and ready to open currently, however more are being approved on a regular basis.
Where to Buy Recreational Cannabis in Michigan

Learn how to buy cannabis depending on the effects it produces. Choosing the perfect cannabis strain(s) can be tricky depending on the desired outcome. The average cannabis consumer of today will tell you to choose between sativa and indica, but is that the best way to decide?
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Ready or not, here it comes. Fall has arrived with all of its glory. As leaves fall around us, and the seasons change we look forward to connecting with friends from the local cannabis community, old and new.
Michigan Cannabis Events in November 2019

Teaming with the homies at SKWAD records was an easy call for us here at Waxxin. The can-do aditudes and positive vibes from the entire crew makes working with them a dream, look out for their upcoming releases soon on iTunes & Spotify.
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Smoking weed has many unspoken rules and traditions that you would never know unless someone told you. If you do not want to look like a newbie when you light up then it's important to keep reading.
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Coming up with five fabled weed strains was not easy with a tremendous amount of time, effort and love put forth by growers and breeders all over the world, the selection was immense.
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People take Cannabidiol (CBD) to treat all kinds of symptoms, despite use in all 50 states, the substance remains controversial. Much of this controversy comes from confusion about how CBD affects humans
Should I Be Using CBD Oil?

Most people try smoking pot at least once at some point in their life, but how long is it detectable in your body? Many jobs require drug testing before hiring and some places will test after you've been hired too, so it is good to know how long it will take until your drug test will come back clean.
How Long Does Weed Stay in you System?

Not everyone in America has access to recreational marijuana dispensaries like those in San Diego. The concept of walk-in dispensaries to purchase cannabis flower, concentrates, seeds, and even plants are foreign to many people even living one state away.
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Are you in the market for a wax vape pen? Maybe looking for the best battery for cartridges? Answering yes to either of these questions means you would love the vape pen products Ooze makes.
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Legalization of marijuana (or marihuana) is all the buzz right now, and there are plenty of questions to arise with it. Whether you're planning to visit or move to Michigan, it's important to be aware of the current laws to ensure you can enjoy your cannabis legally.
Is Weed Legal in Michigan

Plenty of debate has gone around the question, will CBD will get you high? The short answer is no, CBD does not get you high.
Does CBD Get You High

It's an embarrassing moment when you and your buddies are chillin' getting ready to smoke, when suddenly they look at you asking, “wanna roll the joint?” and they get a deer in headlights because you have no idea how.
How to Roll a Joint

Learn how to properly use ooze slim pen without an on/off button like traditional vape pens.
How to Use an Ooze Slim Pen

Cannabis is normally sold in preset amounts at local provisioning centers. The most popular wieghts are grams, eighths (1/8), quarters (1/4), half ounces (1/2) or an ounce.
Weights & Measurments

Cannabis women are some of the most powerful women out there, and these notable 10 came out to support their favorite plant at the Boston Rally this past weekend. (Sept. 14th-16th)
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Every year High Times gathers thousands of medical marijuana card holders for a curated festival full of vendors selling the best cannabis, concentrates and edibles in the local market.
Midwest Cannabis Cup

Not all dabs are created equal. Learn what to consider before buying and using dabs.
Dangers of Dabs

Dabs are concentarted doses of cannabinoid extracts gathered by various processes and methods.
What are Dabs

We all have that friend who will say bongs are better than bubblers because of this brand new piece everyone is smoking on, but, whatever. Learn which is the best for you, bong bubblers or vape pen bubblers.
Bubblers Vs. Bongs