Drought Vaporizer Kit

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Huge battery life in a sleek, compact package, the Ooze Drought Vaporizor is small, stealthy, and extremely long lasting.

At 4 inches tall, the Drought includes full temperature control in celcius or farenheight, continuous 30 minutes of run time on a single charge, automatic power shut off, and much more.

The kit includes a detailed instruction manual, micro USB to USB charging cable, packing tool, cleaning tool, and a 100% silicone mouthpiece.

  • Metal Anodized Vapor Chamber
  • Air-Heat Distribution Technology
  • Under 30s Heat Up Time
  • Adjustable Temperature Settings (325°F - 405°F)
  • Celsius And Farenheight Temperature Settings
  • Compact, Stealthy Design (4in Tall)
  • Micro USB to USB Charger Included
  • Automatic Shutoff Countdown Timer (5 Min)
  • Bright And Clear Digital Information Screen
  • HUGE Capacity 1650 mAh Battery (~2hr)

Whether you're going off the grid or have a lot of concentrates to enjoy, the Drought Vaporizor Kit will get you there and back with juice to spare!

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