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A piece of Empire Glass in your collection will always stand out from the rest. Made by a collective of amazing lampworkers Empire Glassworks makes pop-culture inspired bongs, rigs and pipes that catch your eye and steal your heart.

Empire Glassworks has been in operation since 2013, all the while crafting pieces which possessing an amazing quality of craftsmanship that is on another level in detail and style.

The artists mix colors and blow the glass by hand, using a technique called “lampworking”, bringing sophistication, yet an original quality to our smoke sessions. The experience within their team has been growing for 40 years in the glass blowing industry using borosilicate beads, and creating trinkets for the high-end jewelry market. Much of this work allowed them to bring to us a line of passionately designed hand-crafted, vaping and smoking accessories along with limited edition collections designed by the artists.

Empire GlassWorks’ direct shop is wholesale-only but retail partners can be found in:

  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Europe

No matter what area you’re in, finding quality glass to add to your collection can be as simple as seeing what Empire Glassworks has to offer.

How Does Empire Create Glass?

Each piece is individually designed by an artist in their network and molded in front of the flame of a torch which ensures their pieces will be unique every time. This glassblowing technique is called lampworking.

Empire Glassworks only uses the highest quality glass and sources materials from the USA and also imports specialty glass from Europe to capture the perfect pigments. Each dimension of color in your new piece is mixed custom by the artist themself! Once colors are ready the piece immediately comes together and then it’s then fired at over 1000 degrees fahrenheit in the kiln, making for an ultra-durable finished product.

Even many of the pieces from Empire Glassworks contain dichroic glass to create a reflected rainbow effect, yet appear a different color for if the light were to pass through it. Among the mesmerizing designs and beautiful colors is the heart and soul of their creations, overall quality and beautiful finishes for the customers by providing an top of the line materials. NASA had even developed a dichroic glass for use in astronaut helmets.

The hypnotizing properties of dichroic glass can be attributed to the invisibly thin layers and oxides of:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • Chromium
  • Aluminum
  • Zirconium
  • Magnesium
  • Silicon…

The thickness of these layers are just about or under 5 millionths of an inch thick! ...and because of the firing process, no two pieces made will be alike. Small variations occur that can't be repeated if tried, even among the same design

Mini Rig - Watermelon Detox
Spoon Pipe - Garden Critters
Spoon Pipe - East Australian Current
Dry Pipe - Rocket
Dry Pipe - Daggered Skull
Dry Pipe - Hazel-Nug Ice Cream Cone
Sherlock - Raging Octopus
Normal: $80.00
Sherlock - Sunrise Dragon
Nobilis - Tidal Wave
Bowl Piece - Jawsome
Dabber - Enchanted Hook
Bowl Piece - Toad - 18mm

Glass Art that Speaks for Itself..

Since 2013 Empire Glassworks has been pumping out pieces for the modern smoker/vaper, While a lot of their designs are customer received, they range from flowers and fun to castles and dragons, in the form of:

  • Bongs
  • Rigs
  • Bowls
  • Pipes
  • Tools
  • Pendants and more…

...Offering pure talent and an amazing technique, we’re sure to love and enjoy what we get next. Hand crafting premium quality art in the form of vaping and smoking accessories is what they do, and they do not disappoint.

In the end..

Products from Empire Glassworks are created with passion and fire(no pun intended), we can always count on receiving an art piece of both quality and strength that will both capture you and lock you to the couch. You may also feel as if your piece should be on display… and it should be!

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Empire Glassworks

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