How to Roll a Joint

It's an embarrassing moment when you and your buddies are chillin' getting ready to smoke, when suddenly they look at you asking, “wanna roll the joint?” and they get a deer in headlights because you have no idea how.

It's all good! You gotta start somewhere, we've all been there. We want to help you prevent as many embarrassing moments as possible by showing you that joint rolling can be super easy. So... how do you hand-roll the perfect joint?

Tools Tips Directions

What you'll need to get started:

You're going to need a few things to successfully roll your doobie (and make yourself look like a pro)

  • A rolling surface (preferably a tray) to catch any loose bud that will likely fall out.
    • A bag also works for the experts in a pinch
  • Rolling papers (Zig-zags are our go-to)
  • Rolling tips (save yourself from a soggy end and a mouthful of flower)
  • Two hands and a tongue (if you don't have these, you might be s.o.l. my man)

Some things for you to keep in mind while you're learning the j-rolling basics...

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rolled joint and pack of rolling papers & rolling tips

A few tips right off the bat

You will likely always lose some bud out of the end - It is 100% OKAY for your bud to fall out while you're rolling! (this is why we love rolling trays so much). You can always pack the leftovers back in, or save them for the next sesh.

All good joints need a rolling tip - Any frequent smoker knows how much of a blessing rolling tips (or filters) are. Not only do tips prevent loose bud from landing all over your tongue, but they also allow better airflow, AND (the most essential perk) prevent the end from becoming soggy and impossible to hit if your crew slobbers all over it (gross).

Level out the bumps with your finger - [You don't want to just start rollin' her up right away.] Take a few seconds to level out the crud sitting in your paper to ensure a crisp and neat roll. No one likes having to respark the joint because the green wasn't laid out evenly.

Don't rock the paper too many times - Rocking the paper packs your pot together to make the roll a little bit easier, but if you rock too much it will be packed too tightly and will be difficult (or impossible) or get a hit off.

Rolling the J - Step by step

  1. Pick out the seeds and stems, then grind
  2. Prepare Rolling tip and set aside
  3. Hold paper with "v" up; glue-side on the back, facing in
  4. Load product evenly
  5. Press down with a finger, to level out the bud - this is easily the most skipped step
  6. Hold the filled paper with opposite hand, with your finger still across the top of the product & add rolling tip.
  7. Tuck with thumbs to push the edge of paper towards pinky fingers; keep the pressure on the tucked section until roll up
  8. Pull your middle fingers down (on the back) & roll forward with thumbs to keep the tucked paper in place and roll the product up into a joint.
  9. Crank up/down until tightened to your preference (we recommend 1-2x)
two joints rolled of agent orange on pile of weed

What's the difference between a joint and a blunt?

There are two main distinctions when comparing a joint to a blunt; the wrap and the size.

Joints are rolled from papers made from primarily hemp or rice. The most common size of rolling papers (1 1/4 ) holds about half a gram.

Blunts are rolled from tobacco leaf, cigar wraps, cigarillos, or just plain blunt wraps. They commonly have a gram in them and are longer than joints.

Can you use a cigarette to roll a joint?

The straightforward answer is yes, but if you're asking about rolling a quality joint, the answer would be a hard no.

In order to roll a joint out of cigarette paper, you'll need to roll the tobacco out of it. In doing this, the paper is weakened which makes packing it back up with crud increasingly difficult.

If you manage to successfully not rip the fragile paper and are able to smoke your cigarette-joint, congratulations! You've got some skill dude, but we gotta warn you, they don't taste too great (if you dislike tobacco).

All in all, yes, it is totally possible to roll a joint out of a cigarette, it just isn't necessarily ideal. But hey, we've all got our preferences.

Show off your skills bro

Your buddies are going to be surprised when you show up to the next chill sesh rollin' up J's like a pro. No more deer in headlights when the tray is in your lap and it's your turn to roll. Happy rolling!

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