Presenting the dj/producers on Skwad records

Introducing SKWAD Records

Teaming with the homies at SKWAD records was an easy call for us here at Waxxin. The can-do aditudes and positive vibes from the entire crew makes working with them a dream, look out for their upcoming releases soon on iTunes & Spotify.

Teaming up with the SKWAD Record label was a no-brainer here at; every person on their team embodies our core value of “be yourself no matter what public opinion says, it's easy to be happy when you're being you”.

An independent record label exclusively featuring bass music-loving artists is a perfect fit for talented DJs, producers, and vocalists. The concept revolves around cultivating a group of independent artists to collectively release tracks, EPs, podcasts, live streams, and other exclusive musical experiences for their listeners on a regular basis.

Artists helping each other grow by sharing resources with a shared goal in mind, to distribute amazing music to people that love it. A record label for the people, by artists who want to fill your ears full of magnificent tunes.

What Artists are on Skwad??

Skwad Records presents Logan Law on the drumpad

Eli Dayton is the founder of Skwad Records alongside Alex and Austin

They started with a goal to become a powerhouse in the bass music scene by featuring top-tier talent at shows, festivals, and in exclusive music. All artists involved keep 75%+ of all royalties earned by the label, keeping independent artists working for themselves.

"SKWAD is a collective of artists and creatives seeking to share their talents with the world." is proud to support each and every artist on the SKWAD lineup. Here is a list of everyone involved

Starting your own record label is an enormous task that requires a well-equipped team. Luckily, by pooling the resources from the squad above we think that SKWAD Records is headed straight for stardom.

The Skwad has partners like Kaleidoscoped Events spread the word about our shows and music.

Did you see an artist you liked? Follow them on social media and listen to their tracks via SoundCloud!

Supporting independent artists is crucial in this increasingly corporate world; they will appreciate it more than you can ever imagine.

how to get on a record label

Want to Get a Track Signed? Submit one Today!

Are you looking to submit your track to a record label? Here is your chance, SKWAD is accepting submissions on their website if you are looking to get signed to a record label, enter today!


  • Sample music uploaded to SoundCloud or YouTube
  • You Follow Skwad Records on Facebook & Instagram
  • Music does not contain hate speech, racism, or negative vibes.

It's really that easy,

How Does Waxxin sponsor the SKWAD?

Eli approached us for help with his website and we graciously accepted; we could immediately tell something amazing was brewing and we wanted to contribute wherever possible.

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I knew that mixing the emerging talent from Skwad with a well-thought-out execution strategy would set the stage for greatness.

At Waxxin, we love building/growing websites & marketing teams but we really needed to make sure the SKWAD felt the love before we began our journey of growth.

As a token of our appreciation, each artist will be receiving

  • a subscription box - contains either new glass, electronic dabbing gear, or a mixture of the two with additional items such as t-shirts, atomizers, spoon pipes, quartz bangers, drop-downs, bowls, and more mixed in.
  • Wholesale t-shirt print discount - Waxxin offers custom screen printing & embroidery for orders of 100+ units (per logo). Ask us for more info, we can print custom hats, hoodies, jackets, sweat pants, and more with your logo or design cheaper than any other online shop!
  • A massive sitewide discount for purchases on
  • Recurring commissions on all referred customers as brand ambassadors.

You can find SKWAD Records on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and their website. Get the most updated info by subscribing to their mailing list and be the first to hear everything!

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