Magma eRig & eNail

Magma eRig & eNail
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Bust out your favorite e-nail when it's time to enjoy your favorite waxes and oils. Perfect for dabbing in the comfort of your own home or while traveling.

You'll be the life of the party with our portable and ubiquitous Magma eRig and eNail.

This kit is equipped with its own carrying case and multifaceted design structure, it effortlessly connects to other devices.

Inside the case comes with a glass water bubbler, glass connecter, two coils, a sleek 2.9 volt battery and everything needed to keep it charged and keep you smoking.

Electronic Dab Kit Includes:

  • 2.9 volt E-Nail Magma battery
  • Glass water bubbler
  • Dual quartz and single coil nail atomizers
  • E-Nail glass connector
  • Elastic rubber rings
  • Secure-fitting carb cap
  • Thermoplastic Magma stand
  • Finished metal carrying case
  • Metallic dapper tool to load and clean device
  • Micro USB charger
  • USB power adapter
  • Instruction manual


  • 2.9 volt battery with 20 second hold time
  • 4 Temperature Settings: 572 ℉ | 662℉ | 752℉ | 842℉
  • 2 Coils: dual quartz and quartz nail
  • Effortlessly connects to other assemblies
  • 14mm/18mm male and female water pipe
  • Glass bubbler with enhanced airflow

Multiple Attachment Sizes...Works with glass water pipes base sizes 14 and 18 mm. For a third size-fitting, the base adapter can also be flipped, revealing female end. Operating The Ooze Magma Enail

  • Efficient and multi-functioning. To turn on,
    1. Click the single button three times.
    2. Four LEDs will flash while it begins to heat.
    3. From there, click twice and the temperature can be adjusted at four different intervals between 574-842 ℉

Loading instructions

  • Put concentrate into the atomizer,
  • then attach the glass bubbler and carb.
  • If using with a water pipe, only attach carb.

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