Midwest Cannabis cup 2018

Cannabis Cup 2018: Midwest presented by High Times

Every year High Times gathers thousands of medical marijuana card holders for a curated festival full of vendors selling the best cannabis, concentrates and edibles in the local market.

This is round 2 for Cannabis cup in michigan this year and will be held on Saturday September 8th & 9th 2018 and tickets range from $50 - $160 depending on days and admission type.

Rain or shine, nothing stops this party at the Auto City Speedway in Clio, Michigan. High Times is hosting the semi-annual Midwest Cannabis Cup and it will not be an event to miss! (with the previous cannabis cup on June 22-24th)

What is the Cannabis Cup?

Imagine a tournament among cannabis growers to compete who actually has the best overall product by judging from presentation, taste, smell, and more; enter Cannabis Cup.

Listen to world renown music artists playing their hottest tunes while you grab a something to eat, drink and smoke!

Get ready to hang with some of the best buds you could ask for as brands come from all around to compete for the gold medal but most importantly a title of the number one product around! The vendors are this festival are not 100% herb and concentrates though my friends, as you explore you will discover unbelievable glassworks made by local artists from around the area!

Remember what happened last time...

Only at the world's headmost gathering of the cannabis community would masters of this craft come together to compete. Not only will you be surrounded from a sea of green, the live entertainment is truly impressive. But if a lineup of music industry giants like Ludacris to Lil Wayne to Machine gun Kelly wasn't awesome enough, you will surely find inspiration from the goods that the vendor booths have to offer.. Keep in mind, only certified medical patients are allowed in, soooooo.. you're going to need state photo ID and documentation with you when you see the doctor down there. They don't mess around down at the High Time Cannabis Cup!

A Variety of Victors..

Once yearly, cannabis connoisseurs come together to compete for title of best meds around. Along with its respected winners, events in which the many brands are competing in this years Cannabis Cup Michigan:

  • Best Edible - La Supreme Creme Biscuit by Zilla's Performance Products
  • Best Topical - CBD THC Body Rub by Chill Medicated
  • Best CBD Edible - 1:1 Caramel Apple Pie Push Pop by Kozmic Gardens with Radicle Genetics and PinCanna
  • Best CBD Flower - Cannatonic #4 by Herbal Solutions
  • Best CBD Concentrate - Lemon Tonic by Herbal Solutions w/ Element Extractions
  • Best Medically Infused Cannabis - Pure Detroit Caviar Moonrock by Grateful Meds
  • Best Pre-roll - GMO Drysift Preroll by Kozmic Gardens with Radicle Genetics and Divergent Flowers
  • Best Vape Cartridge - Deathstar from LightSky Farms
  • Best non-Solvent Hash - Purple Pebbles Live Rosin by @Superior_Flowers with Michigan Made Melts
  • Best Indica Concentrate - Skywalker THCA by Herbal Solutions Ypsilanti w/ Element Extractions
  • Best Sativa Concentrate - 22 THCA by Herbal Solutions Ypsilanti with Element Extractions
  • Best Hybrid Concentrate - Pineapple Chunk Sauce by Herbal Solutions with Element Extractions
  • Best Indica Flower - Sunshine Kush by Midnight Roots Genetics
  • Best Sativa Flower - NTB Eastside Sativa by Herbal Solutions in collaboration with Leaf Doctor
  • Best Hybrid Flower - Sunshine #4 by Heavy Weight Heads
  • Best Booth - 1st Exotic Genetix 2nd - Ethos Collective
    3rd - Lake Effect
  • Best Glass - 1st The Stone Owl by Space Kassle Glass with MidnightRoots 2nd - Coyle Ryno Glass Collab by Dab Smiths
  • Best Product - Mint Chocolate Chip Seeds by Exotic Genetix

While these might be the winners, the runner-ups are nothing at all to be underestimated. Still today, you will find some of the top-placing brands in your local dispensaries around detroit and ann arbor, such as Michigan Made Melts and Chill Medicated.

Getting in the Gate..

Having different entrances for different types of tickets or passes you buy, being standard, VIP, or Super VIP, you should check beforehand where exactly your entrance is, and have the proper credentials ready to go, making the process a little smoother.

With tickets available to tether to anybody's schedule, they range in price modestly:

  • Saturday - 1 Day pass General Admission
    Tickets available Online and at the gate. $50-Single(1) Day Pass
  • Sunday - 1 Day pass General Admission
    Tickets available online or at the gate
    $50 - Single(1) Day Pass
  • 2 Day Weekend Pass General Admission
    Good for general admission on both June 9th and 10th
    $80 - Two(2) Days Pass
    Given a wristband. Do not remove or you will need to repurchase.
  • Saturday/Sunday - 1 Day VIP Pass
    $100 - VIP Entrance
    Area for main stage viewing.
    Smoking Areas
    Upgraded Restrooms
    Free bottled water
    Access to VIP Vendor area
    Hosts on-site for any questions you have
  • 2 Day Weekend VIP Pass
    $160 - VIP Entrance
    Area for viewing main stage
    Free munchies and bottled water
    Exclusive VIP Vender area access
    Smoking Areas
    Upgraded Restrooms
    On-site hosts for your needs.
    Given a wristband. Do not remove or you will need to repurchase.

Be sure on your purchase because none are returnable or refundable, nor exchangeable or upgradable! To say the least, any of the tickets are worth it and anyway route you take it is a win. Not only are you supporting the culture, but growing the industry as it is today. This wouldn't be happening without you! Remember, Michigan is a reciprocal state, so out-of-towners come on and enjoy the High Times Cannabis Cup!

An affair to remember..

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a must-go for those interested in not only cannabis itself, but education and experience in the field for those looking to grow as an individual. A doctor will be on-site for people who have an appointment or wish to get certified! So call ahead and make sure you're able to see them before you get there and make sure to have a full belly! because there aren't usually many options for food. Medication is permitted so don't be afraid when the security guard finds your Ooze Duplex you forgot to put away! Its all good.

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