Ooze - Best of the Best

Buying an Ooze pen is a great decision when you need a reliable option to take your dabs on the go! From the gusher to duplex or comet and fusion, the Ooze product lineup is stacked in your favor no matter the season. No need for an Ooze discount code at Waxxin.com, our prices are the best online!

Top Ooze Products

Listening to the needs of the customer, innovative product development and creative marketing is why Ooze is constantly recognized as the worlds #1 vape pen battery. So whether you're a concentrate user, use oils, or simply are looking for an easy way to enjoy your tobacco, Ooze has a product to suit you.

  • Best Ooze Pen
    1. Ooze Slim Pen™
    2. Ooze Twist Slim Pen™
    3. Ooze Twist™
  • Best Ooze Pen Battery
    1. Ooze 650™
    2. Ooze 900™
    3. Ooze 1100™
  • Best Ooze Water Bubbler
    1. Ooze Teapot™
    2. Ooze Kettle™ Silicone Bubbler
    3. Ooze Sludge™
    4. Ooze Weeper XL™
    5. Ooze Stretcher™
  • Best Ooze Kits
    1. Ooze Gusher™ Globe Kit
    2. Ooze Cruze™
    3. Ooze Duplex™

Ooze is a top competitor in today's market with loads of options in the Ooze Life product line! If you're not sure which Ooze product works for your situation no worries, check how to choose an Ooze vape pen battery in the Daily Dab.

Ooze Life

The Ooze Life Story

Shortly after it’s inception in 2016, Ooze has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best dab pen brands available on the market. Being proudly based in Oak Park gives the company great access to their home state, Michigan. Having products of quality and affordability, any vaper or smoker would be satisfied with any suitable ooze product from their assortment of options.

The Ooze brand has surely set a standard in the vape industry with so many great products to choose from that are currently in production.

Utilizing their extensive knowledge, experience, and add a dash of research they have been able to develop longer-lasting products which provide more effective heat delivery in turn offering a better taste than most dab pens available. As new products continue to be released, each one continues to amaze us, which is their goal; "...to improve the vaporizer pens and accessories industry with new and exciting products."

Keep an eye on the Ooze Product line-up

The team at Ooze is continuously researching and developing new vaporizer pens and accessories to keep their brand on the forefront of the industry. The goal is to evolve how we use our concentrates, tobacco, and essential oils; furthermore, with the changing of certain laws and regulations, there is surely a brighter future for them to grow even more.

Ooze carries all of the everyday needs for a modern Vape enthusiast, such as:

  • Batteries
    • Slim Battery
    • Touchless Battery
    • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Atomizers
    • Ceramic Coil
    • Quartz Coil
    • Titanium Coil
  • Vaporizers
    • Concentrates
    • Essential Oils
    • Dry Herb
  • Attachments
    • Bubber Attachments
    • Globe Mouthpieces
  • Full kits
  • Dab mats
    • Silicon Mats
  • Tools
  • Accessories
    • Chargers
    • Trays
    • etc.

Featuring an assortment of items, Ooze continues to spice up the norm of vaping. Different mouthpieces for different people that offer various aesthetic and performance differences. Not only catering to the discrete vapers, Ooze also offers an array of water bubbler attachments for your Ooze batteries, so you can always achieve your desired hits. When it comes to batteries Ooze offers a variety of options from slim touchless, to an 1100 mAH variable voltage battery. Not only offering the pen style battery, but also some of the best handheld vaporizers such as the Duplex, Magma, and Comet.

Commonly replaced items such as atomizers and coils are not intended to last forever, which is often a painful truth, but it’s also why Ooze offers packs of them and includes multiple with each pen / kit.

With That Being Said..

Ooze is a top competitor in today's market. Pulling ahead of the competition with their innovative product development and marketing. Heeding to the needs of the consumer, Ooze is constantly ahead of the game. So whether you’re a concentrate user, use oils, or simply are looking for an easy way to enjoy your tobacco, Ooze has a product to suit you.

Ooze Warranty & Support

Always releasing new and exciting products has kept Ooze on the cutting edge of the market, with no signs of slowing down. Offering a lifetime warranty on their batteries, Ooze’s customer service is bar-none, covering shipping for batteries under 60 days old and $5.95 for shipping on batteries more than 60 days old. But be sure to use the correct charger, as they will NOT cover batteries that have used non-ooze chargers and appear to be not working. Full refunds are accepted within the 14-day policy.

Return Address:
13231 Northend Ave
Oak Park, MI 48237

Ooze wants you to contact support@oozelife.com before returning any products. Thanks!


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Midnight Swirl Linework Spoon Pipe w/ Millie
Red Fire Mini-Tube Dab Rig w/ Honeycomb Dichro
Lavender Linework Mini-Tube 6in Dab Rig with Dichroic Honeycomb Millie 14mm
Dichroic Spoon with Wig Wag Reversal
Unity Rainbow Spoon Pipe Line Work with DNA Cane
Fire Mini-Tube Dab Rig with Dichro Millie
Twisted Flame Trunck One Of A Kind
Flat Mouth Bulbed Flower One of a Kind Pipe
Purple Dab Rig Glowing Mouthpiece
5 1/4in Coloured Double Bowl Spoon Pipe by Jellyfish Glass
5in Silver Strike Eyeball Sherlock by Laughlin Glass
4in Coloured Stripe Spoon Pipe by Jellyfish Glass