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Mini Rig - Watermelon Detox
Mini Rig - Watermelon Detox
Mini Rig - Beehive Recycler
Mini Rig - Beehive Recycler
Tropical Island Mini Rig
Tropical Island Mini Rig
Mini Rig - Rocket Ship
Mini Rig - Rocket Ship
Nano Rig - Cookie Monster Sundae
Nano Rig - Cookie Monster Sundae
10in Hydros Ball Klein Recycler 14mm
10in Hydros Ball Klein Recycler 14mm
12in GRAV® Straight Base W/ Fixed Downstem
12in GRAV® Straight Base W/ Fixed Downstem
GRAV Upright 7in Bubbler
GRAV Upright 7in Bubbler
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Dab rigs make life so much fun! Check out the selection of the best dab rigs and enail setups.

Using a dab rig elevates you into one of the more extreme areas of vaping. When using concentrates, wax, dabs or liquids, it's best to use extreme caution with each pull. Unlike a puff-size regulated dab pen, dabbing rigs give you total control of your intake. With both large and small dab rigs offering an over-abundance every pull, it is best to start with a smaller amount of concentrate until you're acquainted with your new rig.

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Dispensary Supply

Our wholesale and dispensary inventory supply includes everything from chrome tipped glass oil cartridge, wax / shatter containers, rolling papers and table top torches to high end production glass, bulk vape pen batteries and wholesale display products.

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Wet Trimmers

Commercial and large scale growers look no further for the best deal on a wet trimmer. We offer the most technologically advanced bud trimmers available online.

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The Waxxin E Rig Resource

What exactly is an E-rig? An e-rig has an electronic skillet can be used with just any type of glass water bong or dab rig. Check out some of our e-rig attachemnts below.

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Beaker Bongs, Dab Rigs and Pipes

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Dab Rigs Under $100

$100 is more than enough money to spend on nice dab rig when you are only looking for function.

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Wax Globe Pen

Check out great deals on dab and wax globe pens at Waxxin.com. Your next globe wax pen is available ready to ship today!

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VapoRocket by Hi-guy & Vapor Genie
5 1/4in Coloured Double Bowl Spoon Pipe by Jellyfish Glass
5in Silver Strike Eyeball Sherlock by Laughlin Glass
4in Coloured Stripe Spoon Pipe by Jellyfish Glass
4in Glowing Glass Spoon Swizzler
5in Wig Wag Spoon Pipe by Destroy Glass
3 1/2in Latticino Spoon Pipe by Shine Glassworks
4in Two-Tone Frit Pipe by Notorious Glassworks
10in Hydros Ball Klein Recycler 14mm
4in Wildfire Productions Pipe with Trees
12mm GRAV® Taster - Assorted Colors
3in Jane West™ Taster - Cloud White
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