Stop Touching Your Dabs! (explained)

Recreational cannabis has arrived in Michigan and many other states. This means flower, edibles, tinctures, and all sorts of concentrates are now for sale across the state for anyone 21+ including our favorite; dabs.

As consumers, it's important to start educating ourselves as the information becomes available around what is healthy and what is not.

What are Dabs?

The term “Dabs” refers to cannabis oil which is often vaporized and inhaled. Concentrated cannabis oil comes in many forms depending on the extraction method used.

Often times, dabs are a very sticky substance like a peanut butter & maple syrup mix which can be quite messy to consume without the proper tools.

What is the problem with touching dabs without gloves?

Due to the natural stickiness of concentrated cannabis, contaminates can easily adhere to the surface. Our fingers are covered in oils and dead skin particles. These particles get stuck to your slab every time it's touched without gloves, which changes the taste and aroma. #nobueno

I am not a purist by any means, but I would prefer to NOT vaporize the dead skin cells and oils from the extractor or distributors hands .

Know who makes your dabs

Extracting cannabis oil from plant material requires specialized equipment in a fire-rated lab to protect not only the operators but also the surrounding community and end consumer.

Anybody with a closed-loop extraction system can technically extract cannabis oil from plant material. However, can they remove all the leftover carcinogens and residue in a safe manner?

In Michigan, many caregivers have ventured into cannabis extraction before the MRA offered the official license for companies. Due to this gap in legal licensing some individuals/organizations have excelled in this region where most have not.

In the world of extraction there is lots of dirty & contaminated products on the market. Make sure all your material is tested before ingesting.

Where to buy dabs in Michigan

Generally speaking, there are three groups who produce dabs in Michigan (we only recommend two), which are
  • Licensed Extractors (Sold via Dispensaries)
    Purchasing dabs from a licensed provisioning center is the best way to ensure a quality product, although pricey. Always pesticide and contaniment free.
  • Caregivers (Sold via Patients, Family, & Friends)
    Trust is the biggest factor with a caregiver-patient relationship. How well does your caregiver know their chemistry? Do they regularly test their crop? Some do, most do not.
  • Black Market Sold via Cartel, Mafia, Gangs, & Illicit Enterprises) *Not Recommended as Safe
    Known for seizing an opportunity where the competition of caregivers and licensed facilities fall-short. Often the cheapest option available but typically the lowest quality too. Known for leftover residue and moldy flower.

As you could imagine, each group of producers follows a certain set of rules, guidelines and overall safety and compliance measures. Our recommendation is to purchase dabs from a supplier that utilizes regular safety testing which are State-Approved Dispensaries or Caregivers (that you trust)

As of December 2019, Michigan has approved three provisioning centers for Adult-Use deliveries. Are you looking to buy cannabis near you? We can connect you to the right sources in Michigan for free, make an account today or enter your zip code to get started.

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