top 3 dispensaries in san diego california

3 Best Dispensaries in San Diego

Not everyone in America has access to recreational marijuana dispensaries like those in San Diego. The concept of walk-in dispensaries to purchase cannabis flower, concentrates, seeds, and even plants are foreign to many people even living one state away.

San Diego hosts some of California's best marijuana dispensaries, so we took it upon ourselves to review them all; recreational and medical!

The team set out to find the best weed store in San Diego by judging dispensaries on cannabis product selection, helpful nature of staff, parking space, accessibility, prices, and store layout.

  1. #1: Urbn Leaf

    1028 Buenos Ave. San Diego 92110
    Website - Weedmaps - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter

    Everything about this store is impressive from the selection of products, the overall layout of the store, and extremely helpful staff from security guard to the onsite manager; plus we love their branding.

    Inside, a new retailer fills the front-left space to showcase hand-selected products that are fresh on the market every month.

    Choosing from the array of products they have available makes your head spin, I recommend arriving prepared with an idea of what you want; or don't because the staff here has you covered!

  2. #2: March and Ash

    2835 Camino Del Rio South, Ste #100
    Website - Weed Maps - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter

    The extremely elegant and professionally designed store layout makes for a pleasant yet interactive shopping experience. Having each section of the store dedicated to various products creates a noticeable flow among shoppers.

    Not much separates our #1 and #2; even the security guard, Jesus, added to the extremely positive experience at March and Ash.

    What an incredible atmosphere, the second you walk into the waiting room you become filled with joy as you peer through what awaits on the other side of the glass, a spectacular showroom.

  3. #3: SDRC (San Diego Recreational Cannabis)

    1299 Camino del Rio S, San Diego, CA 92108
    Website - Weedmaps - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter

    The sheer size of the building where SDRC is located allows the number of counters to churn out customers with super short wait times.

    There is lots of room on the floor which makes the store almost feel empty but when you reach the counter you realize how packed full the display cases are. Use WeedMaps to browse your favorite strains before arrival or ask a budtender for strain info once at the counter.

Visiting the amazing recreational dispensaries in San Diego makes the dispensaries and smoke shops near me look like mom & pop shops, which is not a bad thing. Point being, the level of class and professionalism from these California marijuana businesses has set the bar for not only cannabis, but the entire retail industry.

Think your dispensasry belongs on this list? or want us to review the dispensaries in your area? Send us an email at with your suggestions! We LOVE hearing from our fans.

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