Tropical Island Mini Rig

Tropical Island Mini Rig
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    Empire GlassWorks
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    dry herb,concentrate
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Pirates are not the only ones that enjoy finding hidden treasure! This incredible dab rig by Empire GlassWorks brings a whole new image to mind when visiting a tropical island.

Buying a new piece of american made glass directly supports the local artists that make this amazing art possible.

This listing features..

  • 1x Mini Dab Rig aka "Paradise Island" w/ 14mm female banger
  • 1x 14mm male Matching Sea Creature Bowl piece

Decorated ~5 1/2 inches tall with palm tree's, a treasure chest, beach, fish, coral, and shells holding a pearl making this glass more than just art; beautiful, functioning art.

High-end dab rigs are not always for the every day joe, until he trys one! Bongs are collectored by joint smokers and bowl smokers alike. Enjoy using a quality dab rig by supporting local arts, not foreign companies.

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