What's 'The Weekend Roll-up'?

Never run out of papers & blunts again with The Weekend Roll-up subscription package! Membership for the best delivery service ever grants you access to prices so cheap we're not allowed to advertise them to regular visitors.

The Roll it up subscription box is for once-in-awhile smokers looking to always have papers on hand. Not an every day smoker, but a prepared one.

Every month you get a package of rolling papers + smoking supplies delivered to your front door. Keep your stash box stocked with the necessary accessories for prices cheaper than you can buy anywhere!

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Buy "The Weekend Roll-up" for 4.99 per month!   

Who should buy this package?

This package is a perfect gift for anyone that enjoys blunts, joints, spliffs and anything rolled.

After all the work is done and the kids are put to bed you can sit back and relax.

No more last-minute trips to the store for papers because you have monthly smoking supplies discreetly delivered to the house. Fancy, huh?

What comes in the package?

Every month you will receive a package with a selection of the following

  • 1-2x Pack of rolling papers
  • King Palm organic blunt cone w/ tube
  • 1-2 Mystery Items

Each subscription is customized to your smoking preferences after you answer our 'what type of stoner are you' quiz; which is not required, but you will enjoy the products you receive 10x more if you take two minutes to answer them.

Can I customize the items I get?

Our packages offer customization to the point where you can determine the types and sizes of the products you recieve. The subscription boxes are handpicked by our team every time to ensure a good surprise!

Are you looking for a specific product? Visit our search section and purchase it independently to guarantee you will receive that exact item.

How much does it cost?

The Weekend Roll-up costs $4.99 per month plus shipping ($4) when you purchase one month at a time.

The easiest way to save with our subscription is bundling multiple months together, paying with one transaction. We offer a tiered savings plan based on the length of term you sign-up for.

  • Save 3% by prepaying for three months in advance.
  • Save 6% when you sign-up for six months.
  • Go for the gusto, receive a whopping 12% off each month by purchasing 12 months upfront!

How do I sign-up?

Sign up is a breeze, simply press the add to cart button and continue with checkout!

Your customization questionnaire will start after you begin the checkout process (with the box in your cart).

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at anytime, and it's easy! All you need to do is navigate to My Stuff > Account > Subscriptions and click the red 'X' next to the subscription you're looking to cancel.

Note about canceling active subscriptions with months left on the term, your account will be charged the single month rate (no discounts) for the boxes received and then 100% of the remaining funds will be refunded.

'Daily Dabber'

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  • Bubbler Attachment w/ Quartz Atomizers
  • Dab Mat & Tray
  • Premium Atomizer
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