What does an Eighth, Quarter or Ounce of Cannabis weigh?

Cannabis is normally sold in preset amounts at local provisioning centers. The most popular wieghts are grams, eighths (1/8), quarters (1/4), half ounces (1/2) or an ounce.

How much does and eighth, quarter ounce or full ounce of cannabis weigh?
How many joints, bowls and dabs in an ounce?

When your bud tender asks one of their more popular question, "How much cannabis would you like?", the response they are expecting is based on an ounce, or 28 grams. Often times prices listed online, or at the counter, are in single grams, 1/8th's or 1/4's of an ounce.

So what does that really mean? Here are some helpful cannabis weights, measurements and coversions that you'll want to know for your next visit to your local cannabis provisioning center.

Name Weighs In Ounce
Note: because cannabis is available in a variety of densities, the way a set weight looks can vary.
Pre-Roll .5 Gram - 1 Gram 28 - 56
Half Gram 0.5 Gram 56 (1/2 Grams in Ounce)
One Gram 1 Gram 28 Grams in an Ounce
Eighth Ounce 3.5 Grams in 1/8 ounce of cannabis (Eighth) 8 Eighths (1/8) in an Ounce
Quarter Ounce 7 Grams in 1/4 ounce of cannabis (Quarter) 4 Quarters (1/4) in an Ounce
Half Ounce 14 Grams in 1/2 ounce of cannabis (Half) 2 Half's (1/2) in an Ounce
One Ounce 28 Grams in an ounce of cannabis (Ounce) 1 in an Ounce
Fat Ounce 30 Grams in a fat ounce of cannabis 1 Ounce + 2 Grams
How many Joints/Bowls
Pre-Roll1 Joints // 1 - 2 Bowls
Half Gram1 - 2 Joints // 1 - 2 Bowls
One Gram1 - 4 Joints // 3 - 5 Bowls
Eighth Ounce3 - 12 Joints // 10 - 12 Bowls
Quarter Ounce7 - 28 Joints // 15 - 35 Bowls
Half Ounce14 - 56 Joints // 30 - 50 Bowls
One Ounce28 - 80 Joints // 60 - 90 Bowls
Fat Ounce30 - 84 Joints // 62 - 96 Bowls

The size of your joint, hand pipe, bowl and amount of times per day you use will determine how long your cannabis will last. Many long time users tend to roll larger joints or use larger pipes and smoke more, so for those folks the scale may be skewed. Many times when you are with others alot more tends to get stuffed in a rolling paper.